Monday, May 12, 2014

the sweetness.

when he stretches his legs and flexes his feet
when he puts his soft little hand on my face & mouth while he's nursing
when he doesn't let us get through our entire nighttime routine before he just gets too hungry
(and then latches on like he hasn't eaten for days)
when he touches the pictures on the pages of a book
when his legs are soft and limp and warm when i change his diaper when he first wakes up
when Aaron picks him up from a nap and he looks around until he finds me
how he's sometimes careful about when he laughs
his curious little eyes
his eyebrows that speak a thousand words
when his little face lights up when Aaron comes home
his rosey cheeks and puffy eyes after a nap
his calm disposition and pleasant demeanor

just a few things coming to mind right now that perhaps only a mom would be intoxicated by. is it selfish of me to say Mother's Day is my new favorite holiday? my heart was so full all weekend long of love and gratitude and admiration for my son, my husband, and this privilege it is be a woman and mother. i'm overwhelmed with how beautiful and fulfilling this life is. the good times, the bad—all of it defines who we are and brings us closer to the best version of ourselves. the sweetness of motherhood is unmatched, and i will never take this for granted. it's an honor, Wyatt.