Monday, June 23, 2014

high rollers.

We just got back on Saturday from a week-long vacation. I'm still acclimating back into regular life—going through dessert withdrawals and the like. We went to Las Vegas the weekend before last and stayed there a couple nights before heading out to Brian Head, Utah for my family's reunion. Vegas was SO FUN. I know that place has a reputation, but of course when you don't drink and are there with your family, really it's just an excuse to eat at fun restaurants, see all the sights, check out the fountains show at the Bellagio, walk around all the malls, and then ride their new "observation wheel" at the most picture-perfect time of day (about 7:45pm, I think). My photos don't show this, but we saw the sun set over the mountains while we were riding the High Roller & a night show of the fountains. All the views were just beautiful.

We met up with my little sister Staci & her awesome husband Kraig, who also flew into Vegas before making the drive out to Brian Head. We got dinner & rode the ferris wheel together. SO FUN. Wyatt was a bit of a ticking time bomb though, since he skipped his third nap that day, and because we were keeping him up past his bed time. But at least we got this family selfie, and he's always quite content to nurse. I absolutely love being that source of nourishment & comfort for him. It's a little inconvenient at times, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Maybe another post for another day...

I have a few more photos from Vegas I'm hoping to put up here on this blog. I'm pretty behind on some of the things we've been up to recently, but hoping to get caught up. Our summer is underway and is already going by too quick for my comfort.