Sunday, July 6, 2014

rim of the world.

The question: "What should we do today?" is starting to get dangerous at our house. Aaron & I basically only have one day a week (Saturday) to show Wyatt a good time together, and if that means driving an hour and a half up a mountain, then so be it. Yesterday we went to Lake Arrowhead and made sure to stop and enjoy the "Rim of the World" views, which were beautiful and spectacular and quenched my recent wanderlusting, at least for the time being. At one point we were sitting under a tree in the shade—I was nursing a hungry Wyatt, Aaron & I were laughing over one thing or another, and we sat there as a little family on the beach towels we keep in our trunk, overlooking the mountains and the valley below us. It seems like such a simple moment, especially as I type it out. But I felt so much clarity and peace, that these two boys of mine are all I need. They are all my happiness. I am better because of them, and I am again and again reminded of how beautiful this life is because of the families we have been given. And because of the mountains. Let's not forget those.

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