Friday, September 19, 2014

cliché mom stuff.

these weeks are passing, and this boy is growing, and this mom is not sure how she feels about it all. in year's past, i was always looking forward to the time when i would finally have my sweet baby. i would beg the universe for the days and months to pass quicker so that i would be that much closer to being a mother. wyatt finally got here, and now that we have our family i would be 100% okay if time would just completely stop. (universe, i'm talking to you!) this is all the cliché stuff moms say over and over (babies growing up too fast), but i feel like that's why i can ramble about it because most people reading this will understand. 

wyatt is approaching his 11-month mark in less than 2 weeks. he is pulling himself up to stand on anything & everything, and is finally growing out of the army crawl stage and moving around on his hands & knees more often. aaron & i will walk him around the apartment more now—holding his hands while he stomps his little feet on the hard floor, left and right, like he knows exactly what he's doing. with all these new ways of moving around i've seen kind of a shift with wyatt that just comes with the age...he is getting into things and moving fast and seems to have more of an opinion about what he wants to do or not do, if you know what i mean. he is sure keeping me on my toes. 

two out of the three of these photos are actually taken with my iphone. i thought that by doing this 52 project I would be using my real camera more often, so here's to recommitting..maybe...

week 38 // wyatt uses a dining-chair-turned-walker
week 37 // my guys handsome as ever in their sunday best
week 36 // wyatt's favorite toy (the dishwasher)

week 36, week 37, week 38