Tuesday, September 2, 2014

the california coast.

Leftover photos on my iPhone from our trip up to San Francisco last month.

We took the scenic route home down the Pacific Coast Highway after Krystle's wedding. It ended up taking a bit longer than we had anticipated, but the views were spectacular. And so was the whale watching, since I saw more whales within 30 minutes than I've ever seen in all 28 years of my life. We also stopped at a roadside produce store (7 avocados for a buck!), and the lunch we had in Monterey was fantastic. My sister Staci was with us to keep Wyatt company in the backseat. Although near the end of the trip we all got a little stir crazy after having been in the car for so long..Wyatt was just the most vocal about it. (Poor baby.) The California coast really is something special. I miss the east coast/midwest a lot and we talk about moving out of California fairly often, but I really do love this beautiful place.