Thursday, October 30, 2014

every 1 year old deserves a good montage.

Wyatt boy's first year. 

Sometimes I'll look at him, laying in his crib or in Aaron's arms, and he'll look like an absolute giant to me. But then sometimes I'll pick him up, and he'll lay his head on my shoulder and wrap his arms around me and murmur a little murmur, and I'll remember he still fits just as perfect in my arms now as he did the day he was born. This Motherhood thing is pretty fantastic.

And this one too, just because....


  1. Happy birthday to Wyatt! He is too cute, I absolutely love the montage!

  2. These photos are so amazing. I am pinning this for when I have a little one someday! Happy, happy birthday Wyatt!

  3. How darling. What a fast year it's been!

  4. This is the cutest! All fun shots, and of course the adorable kid doesn't hurt ;) What is the number book he is holding for "10"? I've been looking for a cute counting book but haven't found one quite as artistic looking.