Sunday, November 2, 2014

a tale of two balloons.


It was Tuesday, the day before Wyatt would turn one year old. We were out running errands and stopped by Party City to get him a #1 balloon, because what's a first birthday without a giant balloon? After some debating whether to get a gold or black balloon, we settled on gold. Wyatt was pretty enamored with the thing. He was very intrigued with it while the girl blew it up, and once we got home his little face would light up every time he would come into my bedroom and see it floating above my bed. 

The rest of the story is a little tragic, but suffice it to say....on a little walk outside with the balloon, the string unraveled and the balloon just floated away—down the sidewalk, across the street, rising higher & higher into the sky. Wyatt was a little traumatized and some tears were shed as he saw his beloved gold balloon just float off. 

But after another quick trip to Party City to tell our tale, our balloon was replaced, free of charge. This time I got a red one (yes, I'm very indecisive!), and I noticed Wyatt getting a little fussy and fidgety while the balloon was being blown up. Turns out Wyatt did not like the idea of having a red balloon. I still can't figure out if he was just upset that it wasn't gold like the last one, or if the red one genuinely scared him, but he was in tears if it got anywhere near him! It took the rest of the evening and some of the next morning of Aaron & I basically giving the balloon hugs (ha!) to show him that it's just a normal, fun balloon, and I'm happy to report that Wyatt did eventually warm up to Big Red. He even let me take some pics of him with it on his birthday (see above, and also this post), but note to self: next year maybe just stick with the gold.