Sunday, November 2, 2014

on turning 1.

Well, Aaron & I officially have a 1-year old. It's a little painful to say that, but just look at that sweet little face with those little baby tears in his eyes!! I made him a little two-tiered miniature cake for his birthday last Wednesday, but he didn't eat any of it. We tried to convince him he would like it, but no such luck. Naturally, I ended up having more than my fair share, since it was up for grabs. I mean, it was the night my tiny baby, who once lived inside of me and who I brought into this world, turned into a 1-year old kid, basically overnight. If there was ever a reason to do some emotional eating, this was it!

We let Wyatt stay up a little later than usual to play with the new toys he got for his birthday, then bathed him and put his jammies on and I nursed him & rocked him before putting him down for the night in his crib. It was all very surreal. And I really meant it when I said he turned into a kid/pre-toddler overnight....or within about a week. Maybe it's because I just see him differently now, now that he's an entire year old, but within a very short time he seems to have grown up very quickly. I thought his first birthday would be a sad day for me, but all I wanted to do was sit and stare at him and smile. I can't help but be so proud of him and the little person that he is. He makes me the happiest girl, and each day my love and admiration for him grows. He brings out the best version of me, and I feel like I am indebted to him for the joy he has brought me. This past year with him in our lives has been beyond beautiful. One thing is for certain—Wyatt was meant to be ours. 1 year down, plenty more to go. <3