Monday, November 17, 2014

puppy dog eyes and toothy smiles

Confession: I've completely lost track of where I was with the "52 project" I was doing this year! (A photo of Wyatt once a week, every week, in 2014.) I'm crossing my fingers that there are photos of him on my phone to cover these past several weeks so I can get caught up. The past month or so has been a roller coaster of sorts with ear infections, teething, fevers, weaning, etc. We've widdled down that list to just "weaning", though, so at least that's something! I have some more nursing notes saved up on my phone that I think I will share, now that our nursing days are slowly but surely (and very sadly) coming to an end. 

I changed the settings on my camera today to shoot RAW (instead of JPEGs). I actually didn't intend to really take any photos of Wyatt, but while I was sitting on the couch tinkering around with the camera settings, Wyatt came up to me and started giving me all kinds of puppy dog eyes and toothy smiles. haha. I can only assume he was just working it for the camera, and I was happy to oblige by taking a few pics. Also gave me a chance to practice shooting/editing RAW,....which I love! I've actually shot RAW in the past, but always changed it back to shoot JPEGs for one reason or another. But this time I'm sticking with it, I hope. I love learning new ways to photograph and edit, and I'm feeling really inspired again.