Thursday, November 20, 2014

wyatt the lion.

I could say a lot about Halloween. It was the day we moved to California in 2009, the day we got a Vitamix in 2012, the day we brought Wyatt home from the hospital in 2013 (!!), and the day I bought a glue gun in 2014..... So, all pretty life changing events, as you can see. But other than those milestones falling on Halloween, I've always been kind of a Halloween scrooge in my adult years. I didn't like dressing up or watching scary movies or candy (baked goods for me, please!),  so the holiday would just come and go and I think I even said once that I wouldn't mind if Halloween never even existed! (Blaspheme!)

But I can say all this now and laugh because all those other new parents were's a whole different ballgame once you have babies. Wyatt in his lion costume was already too cute to even handle, but then it got really over the top watching him hold out his little brown bag and waiting for candy. We would hold his hands to walk him up to the door, and it took him just one house before we could tell that he totally "got it"...the whole concept of trick or treating. Between houses we'd scoop him up and kiss his cheeks and cuddle up on our little lion cub to keep us warm, while he smiled proudly, gripping onto the handles of his candy bag. A memory I'll never forget. The night was magic. 

I also dressed up kind of....I did my best to make a lion ears headband, and I teased the heck out of my hair. Because mama lions have fluffy hair?.... Anyways, big hair and a baby in a lion costume got me wishing every day was Halloween. It's a real shame they only get to wear their cute costumes once a year. (photo below from my phone)

P.S. Wyatt also got to wear a pumpkin costume the week before for a Trunk or Treat at church. It was the same costume my youngest sister wore when she was his age, about 16 years ago. He totally rocked it. See HERE. (Also some lion instagrams HERE and HERE.) I know Halloween was almost a month ago, but better late than never. And I figured I'd better get this post up before the next holiday sneaks up on us. Not sure where November went, but we are excited for our Thanksgiving vacation next week!