Thursday, January 15, 2015

family picture day.


One day we will hire a real photographer to take our family photos, but for now....tripod & self-timer it is! We drove up the canyon last month after church one Sunday and snapped some pics. I thought they turned out pretty cute, and luckily we were able to get a good enough one of all 3 of us for our Christmas card. It all seemed so easy and painless and quick that I told Aaron we should take family photos once a month for every month in 2015. How fun would it be to see the progression?! I thought it was such a genius idea, but Aaron was not as thrilled about it as I was (Not surprisingly. Boys....), but we'll see. There's still a couple weeks left of January for me to get the tradition started, so wish me luck. 

Anyways, these two boys of mine are my whole entire world and this life of mine is so beautiful to me all because they are in it. They'll never know how happy they make me. (Family photos make me all lovey dovey, I can't help it!)