Monday, March 2, 2015

february | 2015

We're 2 for 12 for our monthly family photo! But, confession: we actually took this yesterday (March 1st.........), but I'm still counting it as February because the short month and all. Here's our update:

took a trip to Las Vegas a couple weekends ago (without Wyatt) and had the best time!! we did things like ride a roller coaster, see Hoover Dam, drive all the way to the Grand Canyon to find that the views were completely blocked by clouds & fog, went cosmic bowling, ate the best food, watched the Bellagio fountains show a million times, saw a movie in the theater (my first time since having wyatt!), went hiking at Red Rock, and tried our best to sleep in past 7am (unsuccessful).  Suuuuch a fun trip.

had two more teeth cut through on the bottom, learned how to climb up onto furniture (currently he can only get himself up onto one chair, but he's aaaalmost mastered the couch), will catch any ball you throw at him (most of the time), follows directions, goes down for his nap and bedtime without any protest at all, sleeps the whole night through for 11-12 hours every night, squeals and giggles when i act like i'm about to chase or catch him, will randomly take breaks in his day to play a few notes on the piano, always wants to be reading his books or outside pushing his little car around, points to his hair/ears/nose/teeth on demand, will make dog and horse noises, and making his mama the happiest woman in the wooorrrrld.