Monday, June 8, 2015

W Y A T T | 19 months + 2 days


This kid, man!! I could look at these photos of him all the day long. Especially the ones where he is cracking up over something Aaron is saying/doing. (Dad always gets the best laughs out of him.) I snapped these photos of him right after we had taken our family photo for May a week or so ago, two days after his 19-month mark. He apparently wanted a turn with the camera remote (see last photo), which was up there with one of the top ten cutest things he's ever done. He snagged the remote, went over and stood against the wall, and pointed it at the tripod. haha. He totally knows the drill. 

Anyways, Wyatt is 19 months old now! He's turning into such a little boy and is seeming less & less like a "baby" to me, sadly. His favorite things to do are play basketball, push around anything and everything that has wheels (i.e. his push cart, his little riding car thing, and his stroller), go on the swings, help mom vacuum, eat strawberries, climb, read books, sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, and follow mom around all day.... Happy 19-months, Wyatt!

P.S. I've been doing some power blogging today—organizing and editing photos, posting and playing catch up. I've had this on my To Do list for weeks now, but somehow today ended up being the day. While I was editing photos I was reminded of how much I loooove using my "real" camera. I've probably said this a few times before, but I would really love to pull out my dSLR a little more often and make photographing life a more regular habit. At the same time, though, I'm actually super proud of myself for at least dusting it off once a month to take some monthly pics of Wyatt and our family. Baby steps, I suppose.