Tuesday, July 14, 2015

happy independence day 2015!

the morning of july 4th was pancakes and a parade. we found our spot at the very end of the parade route, which we figured was the reason for the 15 minute breaks in between floats...but wyatt kept himself entertained with stealing our sunglasses, flirting with the girls next to us that were blowing bubbles, and trying to run off into the street. (typical wyatt.) when we got home there were naps and hamburgers and some spring/summer cleaning/organizing, and in the evening we set up camp at the park near our apartment to watch the fireworks. some people next to us gave wyatt a couple glow sticks. as far as i know this was his first time seeing a glow stick and while i think he was mildly amused by them, really all he wanted to do was run out into the street and watch the cars. (again, typical wyatt!) happy independence day!